SPITI VALLEY: The Land Of Gompas and Monasteries

spiti valley

Over the last decade, people have been going gaga over visiting Leh.  I agree with being completely mesmerized while going to Leh for the first time. It surely was heaven on earth. However, this year, while planning for my vacation, I was super confused about deciding my upcoming holiday destination.

While India has a lot to see across the 29 states, I read about Lahaul Spiti Valley somewhere and made up my mind to go there for my nearing vacation. 

Thus, after freezing the destination, I decided to make my itinerary for 5-7 days in Spiti Valley. Although considering the Spiti Valley’s weather, I just made a rough itinerary for myself across Spiti Valley

Also, since Spiti Valley is backpacking heaven, there is no need to join a Spiti Valley tour.

A land full of Gompas, Monasteries, unpolluted rivers and streams and appealing an arid land with scattered greenery, Spiti Valley is the place to be.  It surely will be an unforgettable trip of my lifetime by spending time amidst the tall mountains and flowing rivers with an enchanting view.

Places which I have locked down to visit in Spiti Valley

Key Monastery

This place is a must to visit while you are in Spiti Valley. You will come across the richness of the ancient Buddhist literature, manuscripts, and murals, apart from the splendid Buddha Statue while visiting the Key Monastery.  Located at an altitude of nearly 4,112m in Kaza region it is also known as the Kye Gompa.

One can enjoy a chanting view of the Spiti River from the top of the monastery. You can also experience an outstanding dance of the Lamas at this monastery.

 Spiti Valley Key Monastery

Tabo Monastery

It is one of the most known monasteries amidst the tourists for its impressive paintings. It is a collection of 9 temples of Tara and Buddha Maitreya and too many stupas. This monastery is undoubtedly worth visiting because of its beautiful wall paintings and different works of Buddha. The murals of this monastery are akin to that of the Ajanta paintings.

Tabo Monastery spiti valley

Lhalung Monastery

The third must to visit place in Spiti Valley is Lhalung Monastery. This monastery got founded by Rinchen Zangpo, the Buddhist “Mahaguru.” It is known for the gold leaf idols placed around the main statue of the Lord Buddha.

murals and fresco inside lhalung monastery
Image Source: tripoto.com

Suraj Tal

This place is quite common amongst the backpackers in Himachal Pradesh. Suraj Tal means the Sun Lake in the local language. People usually visit here from May to October. One of the photogenic places in India, it is close to the Baralacha Pass. 

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Suraj tal in Spiti valley
Suraj Tal, at approx 4800 meters above sea level

Chandratal Lake

It is one of the most mesmerizing lakes in Spiti Valley. It is at a height of 4,270 meters and about 6km from Kunzum Pass. This place is prevalent for camping and trekking. It is known as Chandra Tal because it is in the shape of a crescent moon. It is a pace of bliss for all the photographers because of its enchanting views. 

chandratal-lake-to go in june spiti valley
Image Source: vargiskhan.com


Tabo is a charming little village in Himachal Pradesh on the banks of Spiti River. It’s known for its 1000 years old Tabo Monastery. This place shouldn’t get missed while in Spiti Valley.

Tabo Monastery and village in spiti valley himachal pradesh

Dhankar Lake

This secretly hidden lake in Spiti Valley is one of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh. It’s considered to be an excellent place for photography. It is also known as Sar Kund Lake.

dhankar lake


Kaza, the capital of Spiti Valley, is bordered by mountains and is on the eroded flood plains of the Spiti River. Kaza is more populated than the other places that you will come across in Spiti.  It is an appealing town with excellent medical facilities, market place, rest houses, hotels, and other facilities. This place has some fantastic and enchanting views.

Kaza in winter spiti valley

Langza Village

This quaint little village is known for its amazing valleys, scenic beauty, ancient monasteries and a 500-year-old tall statue of Lord Buddha.  It is a famous amidst the historians and anthropologists because of the humongous amount of fossils found of both plants and animals. 

langza buddha statue

Komic Village

This place is one of the out of ordinary places in Himachal Pradesh, and it should not at all get missed. It is the world’s highest village with a road. It is around 20 km away from Kaza and around 18,000ft above sea level. Komic village fascinates visitors with its natural beauty and attractive views.  

It also has a monastery named Komic Monastery. It has some old treasures like the egg of a dragon, the upper tooth of a sheep, the horn of a unicorn, the ribcage of a giant “demon” and the tail of a prehistoric man which are available for viewing to the public only once in 90 years.

World highest motorable villahe in spiti valley

Dhankar Gompa

This incredible monastery with a chanting view is located at almost 12,774ft and is one of the five Buddhist centers in Lahaul Spiti region. A surprising convergence of the Spiti River and Pin River is visible atop the monastery.

Dhankar Monastery is also known for the statue of  Lord Buddha wherein four figures are seated back to back, along with a set of several centuries of old thankas.

dhankar gompa

Pin Valley National Park

This incredible national park is the home to different wild animals like woolly hare, Tibetan gazelle, and snow leopard. It is also known for the beautiful flora and fauna and is amidst the cold desert Ibex of Spiti Valley. This place is full of snow during winters, and the weather here is usually cold and dry. 

Pin valley national park

Kunzum Pass

This place is considered to be a gate to enter Spiti from Kullu and Lahaul. It is at an altitude of 4,590m. The whole of the drive to Spiti is beautiful and mesmerizing and should be on a bucket list for all the travel enthusiasts.

kunzum pass

Now that I have already planned up to a rough itinerary for Spiti Valley, I am super excited to start my bookings and preparing for the trip. I am sure it’s going to be a trip of my lifetime. Also, I am pretty enthusiastic about learning and exploring the Buddhist culture and religion while on this beautiful trip.

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