7 Most Amazing Pyramids in Mexico you must visit in 2020

Pyramids in Mexico

Mexico pyramids are famous worldwide for versatility. The traits of pre-Columbian culture and civilizations are here in these remarkable pyramids. These draw the primary attraction of the tourists around the world to this American country. Pyramids in Mexico are the true representations of cultural and historical hybrids. The history of Mexico pyramids comes with the period of the Aztecs. The honour towards the animal gods and deities are showed with these mighty architectures of Mexico pyramids during the ancient periods.

The Best 7 Mexico Pyramids

Mexico, the land of pyramids, showcases different historical and cultural presentation with massive ancient architecture of pyramids. These seven Mexico city pyramids are vivid emblems of the past lying in Mexican history.

Pyramids of the moon in Mexico

Pyramid of the Moon

The influence of the Teotihuacan was undeniable in Mesoamerica. Their religiosity got integrated with the culture of daily life. Teotihuacan metropolis provided an exemplary presentation of planned urbanization in the ancient period. 

The Pyramid of the moon or Piramide de la Luna comes after the Pyramid of the Sun among Mexico Pyramids. It was constructed back in 200 to 450 AD. The location of the pyramid is in the western region of the ancient Teotihuacan city in Mexico.

The pattern of this pyramid is unique. These have a layered structure which is built one upon another to form the shape. The sole intention of making the structure was for the Greek Goddesses. The tiered building has become a burial region now.

The whole structure occupies around 20 square km. The UNESCO recognized and remarked the site as the World Heritage Site in 1987.

 The height of this massive structure is approximately 140 ft. It faces the Avenue of the Dead. The base of the pyramidal architecture is 426 by 511 ft. 

Nohoch Mul Pyramid Mexico Pyramids

Nohoch Mul Pyramid

The meaning of the name Nohoch Mul stands for ‘large hill’ or ‘great mound’. And this pyramid in Mexico is one of the tallest one in Yucatan. The 120 steps of the pyramids direct towards a beautiful and scenic view of lagoons. The pyramid is an emblem of the Mesoamerican civilization of A.D 600.

The height of the Nohoch Mul Pyramid makes it one of the top pyramids in Mexico. This one has a height of 137ft. This pyramid is the second-highest Mayan pyramid on the planet. 

Nohoch Mul pyramid is situated at the archaeological site of Coba. The actual position is in the Quintana Roo state of Mexico. The archaeologists discovered this ancient structure in the 1800s. The pyramid in Mexico city was surrounded by dense forest at that time.

The location of this pyramid is easy to access for travellers. So, it is one of the top pyramids in Mexico. You can easily reach here from Tulum or Valladolid as it is located between these areas. Moreover, you can reach here from Playa del Carmen too.

Pyramid of Calakmul

Pyramid of Calakmul

Located in Yucatan in Mexico, the pyramid of Calakmul is a witness if consistent wars in the ancient era. Tikal was a rival city of Calakmul. Pyramid of Calakmul is one of the Mexico city pyramids which people come to visit from miles away to smell the flavour of the Maya archaeological site. The symbol of the glyph of the snake-head pattern is known as ‘Kaan”. So, Calakmul means the Kingdom of Snake.

The design of the Calakmul is unique as it contains around 6,750 shapes and patterns. The structure 2 has a height of 148ft. So, comes under the range of the tallest Mexico pyramids.

There are four tombs within the construction of the pyramid. The central structure occupies 2 square km area. And the whole archaeological site covers around  20 square km area.

In 1931, Cyrus Lundell discovered the area of Calakmul ruins. This archaeological site was established during 600 B.C to 900 A.D. Now it is a  UNESCO World Heritage site for its historical presence in Mexico. The City of Two Adjacent Pyramids represents the remaining ruins of the Mayan culture.

Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

Pyramid of the Sun

Mexico pyramids recall the historical existences of the Teotihuacan. This massive pyramid was built back in 100 C.E. The height of the pyramid is 216 ft. The base of the enormous structure is 720 by 750 ft.

The aroma of the ruined city of Mesoamerican culture faces toward the Avenue of the Dead on the east side. The material of the robust architect is a volcanic rock which is a local resource. There is a total of 248 stair steps in the western area of the pyramid. One can reach the top of the pattern with these steps.

As per the archaeological assumption, the Teotihuacan structure had a temple on the summit of the pyramid. In 2013, a group of archaeologists discovered a deity of Huehueteoti inside the structure. The ancient built-up of the pyramid has made it one of the top pyramids in Mexico. 

The location of the massive pyramid, Pyramid of the Sun, is 40 km away from Mexico City. And this huge pyramid was discovered in 1970. There is a cave in the Pyramid of the Sun. It has approximately 100 metres stretch.

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Pyramid of the Niches

Pyramid of the Niches

Among all the Mexico pyramids, Pyramid of the Niches is an uncommon beauty of the Classic Veracruz culture. This Mexican pyramid was established from 600 to 900A.D. El Tajin was the most remarkable area among the gulf coast region. 

The Pyramid of the Niches has seven layers to form a pyramidal shape. The pyramid rises around 20 feet. And the area occupies by the pyramid is about 36 square meters. The colour of the pyramid has dark black and red. The stairs are on the eastern region of the structure.

The location of the Pyramid of The Niches is in Papantla in Mexico. The pyramid has 365 niches indicating the days in a year according to the solar system. But now some of the niches have been ruined.

The symbolic pattern of the pyramid is fascinating to experience. There are eighteen niches on the body of the pyramid which signifies the eighteen months of the Mesoamerican Calendar. 

Diego Ruiz discovered the Pyramid of the Niches in 1785. Later in the 1980s and 1990s, Jürgen Brüggemann revealed some new stories in the pyramid.

Chichen Itza the temple of Kukulkan

Chichen Itza: the temple of Kukulkan

The establishment of the Chichen Itza was done as a tribute to the God of Mayan. The architect of this Pyramid in Mexico is among the seven new wonders in the earth.

The Chichen Itza is located at the eastern part of the Yucatan state. The unique construction of the stairs creates an illusion of snake-like shadows at the time of sunset during the Spring season. These uncommon features make it one of the top pyramids in Mexico.

The pyramid has a unique pattern created by the Maya citizens in the ancient period. The diversities of the Mesoamerican culture is evident in the shape of the pyramid. 

The meaning of Chichen Itza was deciphered as ‘the mouth at the well of Itza’. The shape of the inner construction produces echoes of sound once you make one. You will hear nine consecutive echoes after clapping at the end of the ball court.

The pyramid contains a set of clusters and temples in its architecture. And the area it occupies is 20 square km. This structure is one of the most visited pyramids among Mexico city pyramids.

The Pyramid of The Magician

The Pyramid of The Magician

The list of Mexico pyramids is always incomplete without the Pyramid of the Magician. The meaning of the Pyramid of the Magician or Uxmal was modified and rebuilt three times. And it represents some astronomical beliefs of civilization. This pyramid is the most magnificent Mexico city Pyramid.

The Pyramid of The Magician is also known as the House of the Dwarf. There is a myth that a dwarf established and built this pyramid with his mother and witch. The height of the pyramid is around 115ft. The visible construction was built between 900 to 1000 A.D.

There are two sets of staircases on the body of the pyramid. One has led towards the eastern region. And the other is in the western region. There are five faces of construction, creating Temple I, II, III, IV and V. This is the tallest pyramid in Uxmal.

The location of The Pyramid of the Magician is in the pre-Columbian city of Uxmal. You can visit the place from Merida with a stop at  Muna during a day trip of pyramid visit.

To conclude

These best seven Mexico pyramids stand in the top list of the world’s best pyramids. The Mesoamerican culture in the ancient era gifted these top pyramids in Mexico. And among these Pyramid of The Moon and the Pyramid of The Sun are most visited ones. Travellers come to visit the unique structure of the pyramid in Mexico from various countries. A reiteration of history comes with the patterns engraved on each pyramid in Mexico. And all of the mentioned pyramids are worth visiting.

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How many pyramids are there in mexico?

There are 15 most incredible Pyramids in Mexico

Which is the best pyramid in Mexico?

Teotihuacan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the home of two most famous

pyramids in Mexico -The Pyramid of the Sun and the other Pyramid of the Moon

Where are the Mayan pyramids?

Mayan pyramids are located in Chichen Itza and Coba of Mexico.

Which pyramid is not to be missed when in Mexico?

El Tajín Pyramid of the Niches is one of the pyramids that you should not miss while you were in Mexico

What are the pyramids in Mexico made of?

Mesoamerican pyramids, each was constructed around a core of rubble held in place by retaining walls.

The walls were then faced with adobe bricks and then covered with limestone.

What is the tallest pyramid in Mexico?

Great Pyramid of Cholula - an ancient Aztec temple in Puebla, Mexico

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