7 Best Places To Visit In Manali

Places to visit in Kullu Manali

Manali, a small village in Kullu district is a perfect getaway hill station and honeymoon destination in the country. Manali has been a tourist attraction for a very long time now.

The weather of Kullu Manali is very pleasant enough from October to February. These are the winter months and are the ideal time to visit.

A trip to Manali is everyone’s favorite as it has the classic scenic view of the Himalayas. Whenever you visit Manali one thing you will see are the white snow-covered majestic Himalayas. Who doesn’t feel like sipping coffee in the presence of this beautiful view?

It’s time that you pack your bag to start this journey towards freeing your soul to the Himalayas.

Nearest railway station to Manali

As our destination is in the hilly region, there is no train in Manali. One can catch a train from Delhi to Pathankot or Jogindernagar. Manali is nearest to these two places.

Pathankot is on 285km from Manali whereas Jogindernagar is 185km. Only for the convenience of tourists, there are trains that reach Shimla and Kalka. Later from these stations, every tourist has an option to book buses or cars in order to reach Manali. However, getting to Manali by bus is the cheapest option.

One other alternative to reach Manali is to first land at the airport of Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla or Bhuntur. And from there, catch a bus to Manali.

Bhuntur Airport is just 50km away from Manali. However, there are disturbances in the flight schedules during monsoon.

Sightseeing and Things to do in Manali

  • Spend a spiritual evening at Hadimba temple 
  • Get lost in the cultural heritage of Manali at a Tibetan Monastery
  • Soak your body and get relieved of all your stress in the Vashisht Hot water Spring
  • Buy the souvenirs from the Mall road of Manali
  • Experience nature’s diversity at the Manali Sanctuary 
  • Dive into the scenic beauty of the Rohtang Pass 
  • See the mesmerizing Beas Kund

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Spend a spiritual evening at Hadimba temple

The Hadimba temple is unique in its own ways, as it is located in Dhungri Forest surrounded by pine trees in abundance. The temple is dedicated to the wife of Bhima, one of the five sons of Pandu.

The architectural features of the temple will leave you awestruck. The temple is open to all the tourists and pilgrims throughout the year from 8 am to 6 pm. Hadimba temple is a major attraction for its spirituality in Manali.

Hadimba Temple in Manali

Get lost in the cultural heritage of Manali at a Tibetan Monastery

Manali has a large number of Tibetan people in the settlement. And hence there are a lot of architecture and temples that are Tibetan in nature. The Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa is one of the most renowned monasteries for the tourists of Manali.

The Tibetan art and crafts displayed at theses monasteries make the place worthy of visiting. This place is quiet and peaceful to indulge in meditation to relax your mind from the busy life back in the city.

One can buy Tibetan art and crafts as souvenirs of their trip to Manali.

manali monastery

Soak your body and get relieved of all your stress in the Vashisht Hot water Spring

The Vashishht Hot Water Spring is primarily dedicated to the sage Vashisht. The area has a stone temple that is shaped like a pyramid. In the presence of this temple, there is a hot water spring that is said to have medicinal properties.

Here you can dip into this medicinal hot water spring and relax your body, soul, and mind. The stress that has been lingering for a while will vanish after your visit to this special hot water spring.

vashisth hot water spring

Buy the souvenirs from the Mall road of Manali

The Mall road of Manali is the busiest part of the town. The mall road has all types of shops and restaurants that one cannot avoid visiting. There are art and craft stores that sell traditional artefacts.

You can also have delicious and scrumptious hot momos, by enjoying your beautiful scenic beauty of the Himalayas. This is a must-visit place for every tourist in Manali.

mall road in manali

Experience nature’s diversity at the Manali Sanctuary 

The Manali Sanctuary is within walking distance from the town. One can visit the sanctuary anytime during the year from 9 am to 6 pm and the entry fee for the same is just INR 10 only.

It is one of the promising refreshments for adventure seekers. The best thing one can do is camp at this sanctuary and have a wonderful trip. You can have an incredible time discovering the flora and fauna of the mountains.

manali sanctuary

Dive into the scenic beauty of the Rohtang Pass

The Rohtang Pass is just 51 km away from the town of Manali. Every adventure seeker can have an amazing time trekking through the valley of Rohtang. It is said to located at a height of 13,000 ft from the sea level.

Most of the tourists come here to either go on a trek or play with snow. The serenity of the valley will leave you awestruck and will make you visit the place again.

rohtang pass

See the mesmerizing Beas Kund

The Beas Kund is found admits the mountains of the Himachal Pradesh that is a high-altitude alpine lake. At this lake, sage Vyas used to take a dip before their meditation and is said to have spirituality in its air.

One can also trek down to the Beas Kund from the starting point at Solang Nallah from Manali. Solang Nallah is known for its adventure sports like skiing and paragliding.

On the trek to Beas Kund, you get to witness peaks of the famous mountains like Hanuman Tibba and Shitidhar. This trek will be a perfect option for amateur trekkers which means anyone can go on a trek to Beas Kund.

beas kund

Manali is filled with all that a tourist wants when he leaves his city for a break. The peace from the hustle-bustle, scenic beauty of nature, relief from stress, witnesses the majestic snow-capped Himalayan mountains and relive your adventurous life that was way lost in your busy schedule. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and run into a mesmerizing voyage to find peace. 

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