How to plan a trip to Kasol as a beginner [Complete Travel Guide]

kasol trip from delhi

Since a long time ago a place in Himachal Pradesh is called Mini Israel. You guessed it right ‘Kasol’ one of the finest places in India and one of the most beautiful places in the whole universe. There are some things which cannot be changed forever, in places specifically like Kasol, nature always has the upper hand and foreigners knew this since long back. Mainly from the European countries, Kasol was the place to visit. Luckily we, Indians found this region before it was rediscovered and hence we can celebrate the beauty of it today.

Think Kasol when you think of Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is a very small village which is situated by the river Parvati, which is very much considered for its calm and peaceful vibes. Kasol is famous for many things, tourism, trekking, Malana cream, camping, etc. is much when visiting Kasol.

Road to Kasol might seem very narrowing with each mile passing, but once you catch the glimpse of the beautiful mountains, you will enjoy every bit of the journey and the roads will start to look less terrifying. Kasol has something for everyone. One of the reasons why everyone wants to Kasol is because they find what they come seeking there.

Things to do in Kasol

Kheer Ganga Trek

City drains our soul completely. Which is why, Kheer Ganga Trek becomes the must even for the people who don’t even hike often. It might sound difficult to hike the trail of 13 km. but the experience will drift you away from all of your life problems. Kheer Ganga offers many things apart from your hiking experience. It allows your body to breathe the mighty sunrise over the Himachali region.

While starting the hike and looking for accommodation, Tosh is the best place for you. You can book your Homestay which would be really recommended for you. Even Barshaini would be an option to stay.

If you do not finish this trek star gazing, then you have practically never gone to the trek. At the end of the trek, you will be having a wonderful opportunity of star gazing with the accommodation of staying in camps.

Kheer Ganga trek gives you an amazing perspective about nature with the mountains and height you will be receiving, it is an almost heaven to be called!

Tosh Valley Trek

When it comes to trekking in Kasol, Tosh valley trek is something which nobody can resist. Foreigners love the place, the best time to visit would be post and pre-monsoon which also becomes the safety reason to avoid the rainy season. Land-sliding is common in this region of Kasol. Tosh Valley Trek has always been considered as a moderately difficult trek in Kasol.

For foreigners, this trek is the love. They always seem to enjoy their visit in this hiking encounter, the stay is very affordable, cannibalism is available, travelling is pocket friendly, tourists are friendly, nature is keeping you in its lap, what more to ask? This is divine experience everyone should have.

Camping in Kasol

There are many activities to do in Kasol, but Camping comes in the top most priority. Many tourists plan their journey to Kasol just to take a breath of mighty mountains in front of their camp. While many believe that camping is just for hippies, Kasol has welcomed all kinds of tourists with its open arms.

Since the rise of Social media, this hidden place has attracted many tourists. Many started posting their pictures; many started writing experiences, blogs, and articles.

How to Reach Kasol from Delhi?

Journey to your getaway vacation Kasol should be as important and fun as the destination. If you have reached Delhi already, here’s how you can travel to Kasol:

  • By Flight:

From Delhi, you wouldn’t take much time to reach Kasol from flight. It will be a non-stop flight which will get you to Bhuntar in 1.30 hours. Bhuntar is nearby to Kasol, it is 30 km. away.

  • By Rail:

Jogindar Nagar is the station you need to get down at if you want to reach Kasol. Since Kasol doesn’t have its own railway station, once you get down at Jogindar Nagar, you will need to travel about 144 km. to reach the village of Kasol. There are buses available which will lead you Manikaran, which should take you around 5 hours to reach, cabs are also available for hire.

There is also an option from Chandigarh station to Kasol connecting through major Indian metro cities which is 296 km. Even after you take cab or bus from Manali which is used by a lot of tourists, it should take around 8-9 hours to your destination.

Jogindar Nagar is the nearest and best chosen option to each Kasol for travelers and tourists. It will make your travelling worthwhile and you can also see the beauty of the village while on the way.

  • By Road:

Kasol is one of the most travelled and visited places of India by the foreigners and they love every single piece of it. When such place comes to attraction, the roads has to be well maintained, if you decide to travel by road then you are surely going to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Supposedly if you travel to Kasol from Delhi, the total number of km to travel is 565 which can take you around 12-13 hours to reach. Due to the good maintenance of roads you will feel hassle-free journey.

Best Time to Visit your Favorite Destination

As we are all aware about Kasol’s pleasant weather, in winter season the temperature goes below zero degrees and yet travelers refuse not going there. Kasol is beautiful in each and every season. If you want to visit everywhere and roam around Kasol without worrying about weather change, do visit between summer and rainy season.

Tourist visit Kasol throughout the world, mainly to enjoy the chilly weather of Kasol and to trek in such weather. Summer gives a perfect time for everyone and Kasol opens its arms to visitors around the globe with around 15 degrees temperature.

As Kasol grew its admiration within visitors, people started visiting Kasol for many activities, but these activities are also limited to certain temperatures and seasons. As summer starts, visitors start flooding Kasol and start trekking. As Summer end, and monsoon start, people return to their homes and only those who are trained professionals decide to stay in Kasol. As Monsoon passes, commercial seasons of Kasol officially ends and only those who love chilly weather comes back to Kasol and stay there for a season. The greenery left by the monsoon season would really uplift your entire year’s spirit.

Kasol is all about its weather. Without which, Kasol wouldn’t have attracted visitors around the globe and made such a name for itself.

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How does Local Commute works?

People mostly come for the enjoyment of trekking and traveling, mostly to find some excitement from the place. To travel in Kasol, your legs are the best-adapted option. With which you can roam freely and also save some time for yourself to explore more.

Although roads are available and well maintained for commute, walking to your destinations is always recommended. There are many tourists who come to Kasol, not for exploration but just to enjoy the site.

As far as travelling is concerned inside the Kasol, apart from walking everywhere, you can also take local commute to travel within Kasol or take a cab for your comfort. But Kasol’s weather sure will fill you with energy while roaming around Kasol. There are certain places which you need to visit by local commute or by cab because they are quite far from Kasol. So keep in mind to hire a cab.


 What to Bring when you go to Kasol

Kasol is about hiking, fun, and adventure. For which a bag pack is always suggested, although not necessary but it’s good to carry one especially when you intend to hike. Along with this, you will have to walk a lot in Kasol so make sure you have carried your most comfortable sneakers and shoes to the trip.

Although Kasol does not cost you much, the things you need to bring from here and to Kasol might cost some extra. Like you will need to purchase batteries, cameras, hiking tools, and many similar items.

Bringing Camera is a must, not to click just your photos but to capture the beauty Kasol has to offer.

Stay in Kasol

If you are on your solo trip, definitely look for cheap and pocket-friendly hotels which you can find in Parvati Valley which is not far from Kasol.

Some of the most popular hotels are: The Himalayan Village, The Parvati Kuteer, Alpine Guest House, Hotel Sandhya Kasol and many more!

Even if you go there clueless, or without certain information, do not worry Kasol is one of the most safest and more welcoming place for everyone around the globe.

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