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Ishqbaaz Story

With many serial coming in 2016, we also witnessed Ishqbaaz make a unique story. Till 2019 Ishqbaaz ran on Star Plus, it ended this March. Moreover, storyline people really connected with the characters to watch them, people also got hooked up with the repeat telecast. Ishqbaaz might seem just another ‘Rich crazy Asian’ family drama but it is more than that. Ishqbaaz focuses on family, love, and society. 

For a short period, the audience also got to see the first-ever spin-off of Ishqbaaz in February of 2017. But after the director decided to make a crossover episode between these two serials, they got to know how great the response was. Thus they decide to merge both the serials and storylines in July of 2017. 

Story of Ishqbaaz

Family drama is one of the most acclaimed genres in the Indian serial industry. The story starts with Three brothers and shows their individual personality. Shivaay is shown as the business leader and also the eldest among three brothers. Omkar is an artist and also shown very loving and caring about family, he is showed middle brother among the 3. The youngest brother, Rudra is very innocent and adolescent among others and a very pampered member of the entire family. 

While in the start we can see the bonding and characterization of these 3 brothers, to advance the story further, 2 more character gets involved which is Tia Kapoor and Annika. Annika is an orphan and forcibly gets married to Shivaay. 

3 brothers get involved in a love story where the spin-off series also starts and one more story gets involved in this about the Oberoi brothers’ enemies. 

Kapoor sisters Tia, Svetlana, and Saumya are shown to be enemies and many incidences are linked with them involved. 

After many incidences and revenge, the story stops and takes a high-risk turn.

The story is rebooted and many fluctuations come, where Annika is career-oriented and Shivaay is shown a stoic person about his business. Shivaay has lost his interest and trust in women, by that time Annika and Shivaay meet again and get into a rocky relationship. 

While Shivaay gets married to Tia Kapoor, Tia’s brother Daksh plans to marry Shivaay’s sister Priyanka. After knowing the fact that Tia and Daksh are total Bankrupt they both plan to get married to Oberoi as their last resort. Annika comes into the story as a wedding planner for Daksh and Priyanka. Annika and Shivaay get close during the process!

Daksh tries to flirt and misbehave with Annika when Annika complains about the same to Shivaay, he refuses and denies the fact. 

After the involvement of more character and change in the timeline of 5 years, the story takes many twists and turn. 

Shivaay is the character to look forward to and also his love story with Annika is one of the Audience favorites. 

Ishqbaaz cast

  • Shivaay is played by Nakuul Mehta. His looks and personality have done amazing charm over the Audience. This is why with every season passing people kept waiting for him to return no matter what!
  • Omkar is played by Kunal Jaisingh. Kunal is the perfect choice for the artist. His long hair really indicates his career path. 
  • Rudra is played by Leenesh Mattoo. A funny, childish, and innocent actor who has worked really hard to make the audience laugh and cry at the same time. 
  • Annika is played by Surbhi Chandna. People loved Surbhi and Nakuul’s chemistry and Surbhi’s adaption for the character was also very apt. 

Apart from these main characters, there are many characters to remember and look out for! Ishqbaaz is coming up with another serial named ‘Ishqbaaz: Pyaar ki Ek Dhinchaak Kahani.’

In this series, we will see a different story with different characters. Let’s see what directors and producers of Ishqbaaz have for us. Fans are totally waiting for more! 

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