Hauz Khas Village – South Delhi, Timings and things to do

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas village is the funkiest spot in South Delhi which has become the favorite destination of youngsters, photographers, and foreigners. From aesthetic cafes, cool bars, historical and cultural sights to amazing designer stores, it has got you all covered.

The place feels like mild seclusion from the city’s hustle and chaos. One can choose to spend their time in deer park and crumbling monuments amidst peaceful nature.  There are remnants of Islamic architecture combined with freckles of urban culture. There is an enhanced appeal in the aesthetic of this place without losing the touch of its old charm. 

The best part about this place is the view one gets to experience during sunrise and sunset. Different communities of travelers, designers, readers, social activists, etc. have opened their community-based spaces here in the last few years. This place has infectious energy with cafes that offer amazing food and drinks.

You can enjoy a lot of live events ranging from live jazz to stand up comedy during the weekends. Hauz Khas Village is also popular for its electric nightlife with countless cafes, pubs, and bars. 

How to reach in Hauz Khas Village

One can reach Hauz Khas Village via different modes of transport and it’s not difficult to get there. One more thing to keep in mind is that The Village is officially closed on Sunday. The restaurants within the complex remain open daily till 11 pm while most shops remain shut.

By Metro: Take the Yellow line to Green Park and either walk or rent an auto (would cost anywhere between Rs 30-50)

By Road: Take a left after Aurobindo Market and keep straight. Makeshift parking is on the left at the start of the village walk.

Things to do/ Places to visit in Hauz Khas

Cafes and restaurants 

Hundreds of youngsters visit Hauz Khas on a day to day basis as the place offers numerous pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants. Hauz Khas is a party paradise and not a day goes by when it’s quiet. There are suitable places for almost all occasions. Hauz Khas village has a wide and excellent range of cuisines from Continental to Himalayan dishes.

Yeti is a small and warm place with amazing Himalayan and Tibetan food on the menu. The first floor is filled with restaurants and cafes. Ali Baba Caves, Matchbox, Lord of the Drinks Meadow, Beer Cafe, CAPSULE by Hinglish, Turquoise Cottage, Kylin Sky Bar, Summer House Cafe, Theobroma, and Chemistry are other popular options in the area.

The Mughal village of old times has been transformed into heaven for party lovers in Delhi.

Hauz Khas Social is the most sought-after place as it has an impressive menu and it screens all major sporting events. Raasta is another remarkable cafe with live music and electronic performances almost every night. Summer House Cafe is also a famous cafe with outdoor, indoor and rooftop arrangements. Rabbit Hole, Imperfecto hauz Khas, High5 Cafe and Bar, Levels Out of the Box and Rehab Gastropub are few other places you might enjoy visiting.

History and Culture

Deer Park 

Deer Park is famous for its lake and deer. It is a must-visit for all nature enthusiasts and animal lovers. Adorable animals, lush greenery and well-maintained gardens make the place attractive. You will get to see rabbits, peacocks, guinea pigs, etc. This is a great spot for family picnics as well. 

Timings: 10 a.m.-6 p.m., entry free.

Rose Garden

Rosegarden is right opposite to Deer Park and is a must-visit for all the nature lovers. It’s all types of beautiful roses which make the garden really pretty, the playful little animals and birds, paths surrounded by tall trees and flowering shrubs, the jogging tracks, they make the garden all the more special.

Hauz Khas Fort

The Hauz Khas Fort which was established in 1284 by Alauddin Khilji holds great historical significance. It’s a famous place among locals and tourists through the fort is not in the best condition. The alleys, secret paths, and the old structures interest all kinds of people and make you want to explore it fully. One can totally enjoy a full day photography session here. 

Shopping in Hauz Khas 

The Grey Garden Store

The beautiful white and earth-toned design of this store is very pleasant to the eyes. There is a Grey Garden restaurant alongside the store so it’s two in one functional place. This store offers Mia Morikawa’s accessories and MNLS’s lifestyle products which is an Austria based brand. Mia Morikawa’s head and neck-pieces are a highlight and are light as feathers. Range from Rs 1,800-22,000.

Ahana Organic

Ahana Organic is a family-owned farm that grows grains, rice, pulses, spices, herbs, and fruits. They are committed to sustainable agriculture and promote the sustainable development of their farmers. They also produce pickles and condiments, essential oils, free of pesticides, fertilizers, and the artificiality that makes our food unhealthy in today’s time. One should check out their Karehni Wild Rice.

The People’s Project

It is a place where you can shop as well as learn different skills. This store offers an eclectic range of tiny different things that curated by artisans all across India. It was started by the Happy hands foundation which constitutes a couple of girls from Kamala Nehru College. This store does not only sells amazing products but organizes workshops for people to learn the skills by the artisans themselves. Workshops in various art forms are organized every other weekend.

O Layla

Situated in the middle lane of the Village, O Layla’s make their jewelry from paper, waste plastic, watermelon seeds, and tailor’s scraps. They promote sustainable fashion. The place is full of aesthetic, amazing clothes, and accessories that they make are made from recycled waste material in an effort to utilize old handmade methods to reinvent.

Indian Popular Art

From old cinema and pop posters to music and architecture posters, you can get it all at Indian Popular Art. It’s a place where art never went out of style. They don’t have an email address, website or a phone number but if you went there wanting any old poster you won’t be disappointed. The price of postcards starts from 300 bucks and old movies poster cost around 1000 bucks each. 

So, are you still waiting to visit in Hauz Khas and enjoy the pub culture of south Delhi?

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