The Best Tea Shops in Delhi

tea shops in delhi

It is safe to say that tea is the fuel most Indian people run on. There is a deep connection between Indians and tea. Be it morning or evening, tea is the ultimate refreshment. This beverage is known to have multiple health benefits since ancient times apart from its wonderful taste. Every sip of hot tea is just as precious to people during the summers as it is in the winters. Headache, sore throat or just a stirring day, a good cup of tea relieves all of these ailments to turn people’s mood around. 

People who are tea connoisseurs really understand the difference between tea and good tea. The colour, taste, and depth of flavour of good quality of tea easily distinguish themselves from their substandard counterparts. Delhi is the ideal place for talking about politics, sports and life over a cup of tea. Some of the best places to have tea in Delhi are:

Firdaus Mithai Shop

Firdaus Mithai Shop T

It’s tough to talk about Delhi and not include Purani Dilli and Chandni Chowk in the conversation. Firdaus Mithai shop near the Mirza Ghalib haveli in Chandni Chowk is heaven for people who love some extra sugar and cream in their tea. The earthen cups or ‘kullads’ bring out the earthy flavour of the tea. Cardamom in the tea enhances the taste and lifts up your mood instantly.

Jugmug Thela

Jugmug Thela in saket

Nowhere near to the recognition of chain beverage stores like Starbucks yet this small tea stall is a favourite among tea lovers. This thela in Saket has an amazing Masala chai which sure to please even those who are not fans of tea. Its online site sells a premium combination of tea leaves which claim to be 100% natural and vegetarian. Now you can enjoy this tea online as well as offline.

Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge

Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge

Connaught Place in Delhi has one of 13 lounges in India under the same name. Its brand of tea, Wagh Bakri Chai, is already popular among the masses. This tea lounge has a good collection of different types of tea like classic masala tea. With over 45 types of tea available there, it is definitely a winner in the department of gourmet tea and snacks.

Elma’s Tea Room

Elma's Tea Room

This gem of a tea place in Hauz Khas Village is actually popular for its freshly baked goods. This is a posh tea place in Select Citywalk mall which resembles the essence of a tea room in England. A cup of tea is a little on the expensive side. Fresh cakes and other baked goods with a cup of tea is the perfect combination for a great evening.

San-Cha Tea Boutique

San-Cha Tea Boutique

This tea boutique is located in Santushti Complex, Chanakyapuri. A retail outlet dedicated only for tea where tea lovers turn into kids and try to grab everything. Professional tea tasters and brewers have created various blends and flavours which are sure to leave anyone smitten by tea. These are of the best quality and the variety of flavours of tea is its main attraction.

Just for Chai

just for chai

The experience of having good tea can be heightened when its on a highway and it’s raining. Just for Chai in Golf Course Road, Gurgaon is perfect for a chilled out evening tea after a drive on the highway. As it is popular in small eateries or ‘dhabas’, masala chai is their most sought after beverage followed by ginger tea accompanied by some fried snacks for a perfect combination.



This is another retail outlet for the best tea combinations. Its high quality of tea leaves and multiple options of snacks makes it a crowd-pleaser. It has multiple stores across various states and numerous stores in Delhi NCR itself. The best part about Chaayo is that there are more than 1200 options of custom tea blends to choose from. If this doesn’t excite a tea lover, nothing will.

Cha Bar

cha bar

Ginger, masala, herbal, organic, Darjeeling- just name the type of tea and they have it. Cha Bar in Connaught Place offers a wide range of tea and snacks which are ideal for a casual day out for a hangout. Book lovers usually sit in this tea place with a book in their hands to pass away hours in happiness.

T’pot cafe

T pot cafe

Previously a Chartered Accountant, the CEO of this cafe in Malviya Nagar and Connaught Place has successfully managed this wonder. From masala chai in kullad to herbal and oolong tea, this place does not miss the popular varieties of tea in demand.

The Tea Place by Manjushree

The Tea Place by Manjushree

The Tea Place in Saket is an elegant tea room with regal interiors and artistic wood works. The quiet environment in this place is a refreshing change in case of tea rooms. Peaceful conversation and tea in solitude can be enjoyed to the fullest here. 

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