Lonavala- Must see these places [Updated-2020]

places to see in Lonavala

High greens, refreshing atmosphere, and countless locations in Lonavala to explore! You create the finest of dreams with such a beautiful environment and enjoy an eternal getaway. There’s something for everyone from the lovely Lonavala Lake to Imagica recreation territory.

Tourist spots in Lonavala?

Get put to be amazed by the long-lasting roster of attractive locations that will never cease to amaze you with their appeal. Whether it’s the celebrity wax museum where you can insert incredible selfies with the sculptures or the Karla caves where you can catch a closer glance at the fascinating architecture, this location has a full plate for each of you with distinct backgrounds. 

Family journeys, honeymooning, or group travel, this location is suitable for all purposes and welcomes visitors throughout the year. Look at these perfect picture places with their appeal that challenge you!


Tiger’s Leap is an uncommon title provided to this location because the form resembles that of a tiger jumping into the valley. Tiger’s Leap is about eight kilometers from Lonavala, and this location is a significant tourist attraction. It is a clifftop with a pure fall of more than 650 m, providing a broad perspective of the mountains and the Western Ghats. 

This place is just a short-range from INS Shivaji, which offers an interesting perspective of the valley below. However, fascinating opinions should be experienced from a secure site instead of from the precarious edge of the cliff. Another great attraction is the echo point on Tiger’s Leap.

BHUSHI DAM                   

Bhushi Dam is an Indrayani River masonry dam. It’s a location in Lonavala that is supposed to pick you up during the monsoons that are the perfect time to attend the resort.

The overflowing water over the gates of the Bhushi Dam and then through the wooded land makes this location a target among individuals from neighboring regions that throng at evenings during monsoons in large quantities. It appears to get so crowded that even getting the right sitting place is difficult for many people. Also though in the dam, owing to the incompatible stream of water, swimming is forbidden, one can always love on the stairs.

Lonavala Lake

Lonavala is a Pune district city and mountain station. It is 64 kilometers from Pune and 96 kilometers from Mumbai.

It is renowned for its hard candy chikki manufacturing, which is a delicious eatable item produced of various nuts combined with jaggery. It’s a significant railway stop linking Mumbai and Pune.

Rajmachi fort

Midway between Lonavala and Khandala is a fort called Rajmachi Fort, a prominent place overlooking some of the region’s most amazingly lovely and broad scenery.

The structure includes two reservoirs situated at the Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Peaks on top of the Western Ghats. Tourists can take a perspective of Duke’s Nose, Karanala, Mahuli, Bhimashankar, Matheran and Ulhas River from the fort. The fort also allows visitors to get a view of Kondhavi and Tungarli Lake’s ancient caves.

Celebrity wax museum

A 38-year-old wax artist from Kerala, Sunil Kandaloor, established this Wax Museum. It contains Rajiv Gandhi’s paintings, Benazir Bhutto, Michael Jackson, Kapil Dev Adolf Hitler, AR Rahman, and much more. Chhatrapati Shivaji’s image is the museum’s highlight.


Adlabs Imagica is one of the most famous amusement theme parks launched in April 2013 and is often referred to as a one-stop recreation center. It is situated close Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and is one of Pune and Mumbai’s recent extensions to getaways. The park is split into three amusement areas: Theme Park, Snow Park, and Water Park with plenty of amusement choices including live displays, roller coasters, water parks, theme amusement displays, and even a cool water park.

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Tikona fort

Tikona in Lonavala is a dominant hill fort after Rajmachi. It is situated in Maval with a different title like Vitandgad. Tikona is valued as one of Lonavala’s finest locations to tour. The precise place of the fort is about 60 km from Pune, close Kamshet.

Due to the mountain itself, Tikona Fort received the title like that. Tikona Peth is the fort’s closest village. The hill is located at an altitude of 3500 feet above sea level, and its form is pyramidal, and therefore its title is rectangular.

Trekkers consider this mountain and fort to be Lonavala’s favorite adventure place renowned for the big gates, Tribakeshwar Mahadev, seven water tanks, Satvahan caves, and many other sights. 

Lohagad fort

If you’re are interested in history and want to check into the legacy of the past, then within 200 km, this should be your choice of locations to explore close Pune. Lohagad Fort, a famous ancient building, rooted at an altitude of 3400 feet, is near Pune.

Lohagad fort walk is an excellent place to quench your thirst for adventure by offering an extraordinary confluence of natural beauty and design.

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Kamshet is an ideal fun place in Pune, 45 km from Pune. They’re also very near to the region’s renowned twin hills, Khandala and Lonavala. Kamshet introduces tiny settlements with dirt, thatch, and reeds constructed in traditional fashion. Tourists, especially adventure junkies, come to Kamshet to enjoy the endless thrill and excitement of paragliding, trekking, hiking, camping, and so on. Paragliding, Kamshet’s favorite adventure, has many admirers from all over the world. Kamshet’s the best time for paragliding is from October to the middle of May. There are several paragliding colleges and suppliers in the city.

Duke’s Nose

The design of Duke’s Nose is one of the most remarkable sights to touch your view once you achieve Lonavala. An enormous monolithic rock building, with its strange form, it pierces the cloudy skies! The summit is also called Nagphani in the local language, which means the sheath of the snake. The summit was provided Duke’s Nose’s pseudonym as it portrays Wellington’s Duke’s nose!

A walk up Duke’s nose is surely rewarding in all its simplicity with different ravines and woodlands grazing at his feet! One of the most diverse locations to see in Lonavala, it is popular among trekkers as well as lovers of rock walking who stick to the rock for its incredible heights and new topology.


Koraigad or Koarigad or Korigad, it’s okay to call a big mountain station in Lonavala, commonly recognized as Korigad Fort. It lies about 20 kilometers north of Lonavala and is still uncertain the year it went into being centuries ago. The mountain is located 923 meters above sea level.

The Aamby Valley township located on the fort’s southern and eastern footprints is one of the features that can be seen during the Korigad trip. There are two artificial lakes to the east of the fort that is part of the Aamby Valley project and were drained into the Mulshi reservoir later.


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