Best Maggi Points in Delhi [Must try in 2019]

Best Maggi Points in Delhi

If one can say that they have grown up on Maggi, it wouldn’t be wrong. From an early age onwards the one started living on Maggi, the ‘2-minute’ wonder was an integral part of the diet.

Come back home from school, Mom is not at home, or you don’t have your favorite lunch to eat. No Problem! Maggi hai na!

We all developed our recipes. There was a “soupy Maggi” with a lot more water than the instructions on the packet demanded it to be ready in 2 minutes or at times a self-created “Maggi with Ghee.”

Maggi is not the name of instant food. It matches the emotion now. All the generations love Maggi.

If you are at home and preparing a Maggi for yourself, then that strong magical aroma will attract your grandparents and parents too, and they also hold a spoon to share this noodle delight and instant food plate with you.

For the student who is living out then this one is your khusiyon ki recipe. The favorite meal of those odd hours when you are sharing the late-night chit chat with your friends or trying to do some group studies but not doing so. Maggi is enough to satisfy your taste buds.

It is ready to eat in two minutes and popular as the two-minute noodles as well. As the promotional ad of the Maggi also says “2 MINUTE ME MAGGI TAIYAR” (2 मिनट में मैगी तैयार).

Student life is not completed without Maggi. This is the group which loves the Maggi most as this is the only food that can be prepared by them without any hassle.

The confidence in the product was high too. Easy to make and easy to eat with a full power packed taste it has become the favorite of all those children who do not want to have veggies, dal, and chapati in their food and the moms want their child to have at least something to eat better than nothing.

This makes it famous among the mothers and the favorite food of every kid.

As Maggi is the simple food to prepare but still there are some famous eating joints in Delhi which give you the best taste and your cravings will be satisfied there at the odd hours too.

Here we have some places for you to relish your taste buds with your favorite Maggi noodles.

1. Tom Uncle’s Maggi, North Campus

Tom Uncle’s Maggi the most famous eating joint among the students of north campus. This legendary Maggi joint in Delhi University is serving delightful preparations from almost last three decades. So do this place serves 50 variations of Maggi in Delhi? Yes, one can find it in GTB Nagar where Delhi University’s North Campus is located.

This makes this spot one of the favorite hangout joints of hungry college youths. Not only in north campus but Tom Uncle’s eatery is famous among the entire student community in Delhi.

They have different variants of Maggi. And their most popular items are Special Masala Maggi, Cheese Masala Maggi, and Butter Masala Maggi.

Where: Near Ramjas College, Maurice Nagar Chowk, North Campus, Delhi University – GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Price Range: From INR 25 to INR 60 FOR ONE PERSON.

2. Maggi Walker

If you are hungry and need a Maggi at late hours of the night than not to worry about. This place will be your 3 AM companion. They Serve till 5 in the morning. Maggi Walker is famous for the double cheesy Maggi and butter chicken Maggi is an absolute delight. This place is heaven for the nightcrawlers. And decently priced so not makes a hole in your pocket and this is all you need during that midnight hunger.

Where: Road 77, Punjabi Bagh, Delhi – 110026

Price Range: Starts at INR 400 FOR TWO PERSONS.


If you are heading towards the NSP, this place is recommended for the Maggi lover, for trying some finger-licking hot and spicy Chilli Garlic Cheese Maggi, Shezwan Sauce Maggi, Tandoori Paneer Tikka Maggi, and their Cheese Maggi Double Masala is the best out of all of them.

Apart from their lip-smacking Maggi, also serves some great pasta in white sauce and grills. The shakes are also one of the famous food items on their menu. One of the most regular and famous among all is Chocolate Brownie Shake and Kitkat Shake.

Where: G 28, Aggarwal Millenium Tower, Netaji Subhash Chandra Place

Price Range: Starts at INR 25 FOR ONE PERSON.

3. Mom’s Kitchen 

The place is located in Kirti Nagar, and this place gives the homely feeling. This little joint has many options for the instant noodles Maggi lovers. Among all the best one is Schezwan Maggi with veggies and Chilli Chicken Maggi.

Food is served at its best in a very MasterChef-esque way, and sanitizers are kept on every table. The motto is Momma takes care of you! As per the name. super-secret, the ultimate blend of spices.

Where: Shop 18, Ground Floor, Opposite Nawab’s Furniture, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi

Price Range: Starts at INR 60 FOR ONE PERSON.

4. Woodbox Cafe

If you are fond of cheese as well as the Maggi lover than, the cheesy garlic mayo and the Maggi lasagna mayo fries is to pamper yourself.

The maggilicioius menu is a love for all Maggi lovers. They have some really interesting twists to Maggi recipes. They serve The Masala Maggi Pizza, which is the cheezy and spicy at the same time and there’s no reason to dislike it.

Apart from the Pizza, Wood Box has a Mint and Mushroom Maggi, Peri Peri Maggi and Chatpata Maggi Bhel which are some unique transformation of the Maggi and tastes superb as well.

Where:1, DDA Market, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

Price Range: Starts at INR 650 FOR TWO.

5. The Big Belly 

A small but famous joint in NFC serves the most delicious Chicken and Cheese Maggi, along with an array of Pasta and other fast food. They also deliver late at night, so an extra cheer for post-midnight Maggi hunger.

Where: 1, Community Centre, The India Mall, New Friends Colony

Price Range: Starts at INR 60 FOR ONE

6. Samosa Street, Lawrence Road

This place is heaven for samosa lovers. As they have every kind of samosas you can ever imagine. They even have a Maggi Samosa and Cheese Maggi Samosa in the menu, one could never have imagined that Maggi can be stuffed into a samosa? But it turned out and people love it here.

They are masters in making a beautiful fusion of an old Indian snack with different flavors like Maggi, kinds of pasta, pizza, chaap, and more. They are also famous for their variant of Maggi that is Chilli Paneer Maggi and Double Cheese Maggi.

Where: 2149, Old Bus Stand, Tri Nagar, Lawrence Road

Price Range: Starts at INR 200 FOR TWO 

If you are a true Maggi lover than you can not hold yourself to visit these places. Go and try some different moods of Maggi and celebrate your love for Maggi.

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