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Do you want to know about those Best food Delivery Apps that not only satiate your hunger pangs but also save a lot of money on food,then you are at the right blog post?

My friend and I planned to have a night out at my place, as there was no one around. We both were super thrilled to have a movie marathon with some delectable food. 

However, unlike the olden days, we now have a lot of restaurants and cafes serving food till wee hours in the morning.  Did we ever think that it was possible to get food in the middle of the night to pacify your hunger pangs? 

However, it is now possible. All thanks to the Internet and the technologies that are useful to us in a blink of an eye today? It is considered as a widely accepted fact that our life is being ruled and controlled by the internet world.

A wide range of tasks from paying online bills to buying any commodity or making orders at the food delivery apps in Delhi are available online and can be accomplished very quickly.

In the metropolitan cities, professionals usually do not find much time due to their busy working lifestyle, and these online food delivery apps ease their life a lot.

Downloading the App in just a few minutes and ordering the food in moments has helped the younger generation of ours to save most of our time. At the many lists of food ordering portal, one can search the best price and can compare with the other available food delivery platforms.

The start-ups have spread their hands to serve the delicacies online in all the major cities in India.

Here is the list of the notable food delivery apps from where we then decided to place an order to satiate our night cravings:

Best Food Delivery Apps in India


Best food app in delhi
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Zomato, the most popular food delivering app today is on the top of the list in providing the menu online. Even the little ones can be heard dictating the word Zomato in their routine. At Zomato you can check the food lists and can order it from the nearest restaurant available to your location.

The App is popular in other countries, including India. Rated amongst the best food services mobile application, one can save here their favorite restaurants to have quick access for the next order. Zomato has tied up with several big and small restaurants filtered by your location to serve the consumers on a single platform.


top food app to order food online
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FoodPanda is also a popular food delivery platform for food lovers who craves for delicacies. The service has covered almost all major cities, and additionally one can see the massive discounts on ordering their food.

Now the hassle of visiting a restaurant in traffic and getting the order there in long queues have been solved up just a few taps on your mobile screen. Several cuisines are available at your doorstep from the nearby restaurants including your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


online food app in delhi
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Swiggy is the second most-known food delivery app in the domain of food delivery services. Having nearly 40,000 restaurants in its network, it has built its reputation in a short duration. One can check the reviews, meals, ratings, and nearby or maybe one of your desired restaurants before confirming an order.          

Besides this, one can live track, the delivery person as Swiggy has enabled Live-location mapping for its consumers. It avails a feature called as Swiggy Pop where you can order for a single-serve food too. This feature helped people to avoid wastage of food and meeting the conditions of placing a minimum order as low as Rupees 50. For prompt delivery of your food to opt for Swiggy will be the best option.


order pizza through online app
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Domino’s is especially for those who crave for pizza along with pasta and sweet cakes. The App available for iOS, windows, mobile, and Android is easy to operate. Without waiting in the long queues, you can have your favorite pizza from the brand. And what drag the customer most towards Domino’s is the coupons feature offered to mobile App and web user.

Mostly known for delivery in just 30 minutes this food delivery app avails you the lowest and best price on ordering the food online. Secure and comfortable mode of payments, easy navigation are some points that make this App admired by users. With Domino’s, the pizza delivery services in India Is just a call away.

Uber Eats

Ubereats to order food online in india
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Uber, earlier has established its name in the famous taxi-service App, and now Uber Eats is there to satiate your hunger. In a short period, it has started ruling over the heart of people. Mainly popular in major cities of India and several continents around the world people associated with it quickly as they are associated with Uber cab service.

One is assured of having excellent quality cuisine with quick delivery with this App at your doorstep. Customers can pay at their convenience with net banking, COD, and other credit and debit cards. People’s life has become much more comfortable with the introduction of the Uber brand, which is serving you whole-heartedly.

Pizza Hut

Pizzahut online app
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Pizza Hut, the most popular food delivery app, is also enhancing food lovers’ hunger, which avails your pizza from the nearby outlets. Not only pizza but other items like desserts, beverages, and pasta are on the menu. The super-fast delivery, secure payment getaways, and other unique traits that make it stand out among its competitors at the food delivery portals.

The best feature is that you can place your order in advance to make your moments special and eliminate the last-minute chaos. The deliciousness of pizza is just a few clicks away, and one can end their quest by merely downloading the App and availing food at very affordable prices. 

Just Eat

Justeat food app
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Just Eat like other food delivery apps is also serving consumers. Though it has less access, you can order food from this portal in cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Hyderabad where it is operational.

One has to open the App, browse the restaurants, and place the order. The excellent varieties of food will be delivered to you shortly. Just Eat Claims to have 3,000 restaurants on the list. Cash on delivery payment and online payment services are there on this App.


Travelkhana food delivery app
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TravelKhana is more such an excellent food delivery app while one is on their journey. If one wishes to have a tasty meal during travel straightaway use this App. The App is available on both iOS and the mobile window.

TravelKhana currently covering more than 250 stations and 3900+ trains – all you have to do is to summarize your details like the train no, birth, and the station name where you want to receive the order.

The App is most suitable for those who want to avoid the food on the trains. Several modes of payment are open for the ease of the consumers.

The railway passengers extremely desire the unique food delivery app in India as they get the meals from their choices from several restaurants located nearby the stations. IRCTC has also set up integrations with this fantastic App in train start-up.


FreshMenu food delivery app
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Freshmenu is too a popular name in the list of the best food delivery apps in Delhi. Their food service is highly admirable as they offer food from their kitchen, and people loved the quality of food along with their dedicated 24X7 service. This natural food delivery app is apt to satisfy your hunger cravings with a tasty and healthy meal.

Besides, making our everyday life easy and convenient these apps grants one attractive discount like at some portals in your first purchase it is Rs. 500 off and during your second order, you are getting Rs — 300 off and so on. The exclusive range of gifts is also bestowed to some individual users. The coupons and points are worth to get a discount on your ordered food, and that is indeed surprising.

Thus, we had ample of options to choose from to order our food. 

We all should make use of these fantastic food delivery apps to place orders. They are not only our saviors but also; provide a lot of discounts and offers while we order food. 

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