The Best Amazon Prime Series [Updated-2019]

best amazon prime series 2019

One of the best platforms to watch exciting and captivating web series is Amazon Prime no matter which genre you love.

All the members who have subscribed to amazon prime enjoy all the benefits of watching the brilliant and eye-catching show as well as they enjoy the exceptional service from Amazon and get free shipping, free download on the kindle and many more benefits.

If you are a lover of web series and dig captivating movies and shows, you have landed to the right place.

Here are the 12 top best Amazon Prime series


Season – 1-5

This brilliant and captivating show is not far as in genre from the amazing web series that is the game of thrones, it has all the exciting plots and twist along with the violence and bloodshed.

The main character of the show is Ragnar Lothbrok which is played by the talented actor Travis Fimmel. It is a story of a poor farmer who fights his way to become one of the most fearsome and respected warriors. This all happens when he is sailing all around the dangerous and beautiful seas of Europe with his loving wife and kids, in search of countries that are going through difficult times to take heed.

The storyline in itself is very captivating and all the viewers of this brilliant and one of the best amazon prime series can’t hold themselves from watching the next episode.

It is based more on the fantasy and adventures type of web series. These Vikings are not the same Vikings that people know about reading their history they are a lot more cunning.


Season – 1-3

In this exciting thriller series which is one of the best Amazon prime series, Anthony Hopkins brings out a dangerous Hannibal Lecter to the audience’s primary focus, only to make his avatar look boring in the following sequels that he made.

But when it came into the hands of the director Bryan Fuller, Mads Mikkelsen changes it completely to its original evil nature. This series brings us back to the starting, with lecter who was still applying his trade with FBI and also the forensic Profiler Will Graham to solve criminal cases.

The action and fearsome bloodshed with the twisted and cunning nature of the characters will leave you craving for more. They portray his excellent cooking skills in such a way that will drop your jaw. The main character of this web series is a man who can scare you down to your soul.


Season – 1-5

This mesmerizing show is one of the best amazon prime series and one of its original web series too.

This is mainly showing its viewers a series of the novels written by Micheal Connely which portrays the scenes and life of former Special forces officer into one to those Hollywood homicide detectives.

The role is played by the extremely talented Titus Welliver. He plays the role of a strict officer who always abides the laws and is a strong believer that good comes to those who do good deeds.

Thought it is not filmed as the novel exactly like the fans would have wanted but is really good to watch and loved by a majority of the viewers. This series grows interesting with every new season it launches.

Mr. Robot

Season – 1-3

This particular season came out of nowhere to become a sudden hit in the year 2015.  It is one of the best Amazon prime series that have been launched.

This story shows us the life of hackers but the story is not about any random hacker or anything that you can think about when you hear the word hacker.

The main attraction and character of the series are Elliott Anderson which is played by Rami Malek. In the series, he joins a group of people who are mindblowing in computers known as the group Mr. Robot who are digital masterminds that aim to free the people from the clutches of corporate America.

This is a unique thriller which showcases a lot of different aspects and characters. The series itself is filled with mystery and excitement.

Six feet Under

Season – 1-5

This brilliant and mysterious show is one the best Amazon prime series which is absolutely loved by the audience. In this, the characters focus more on the happy side of life rather than death and sower that the world has to offer.

Every new episode starts with a different person one with their own moment of death, which in return helps the fisher family to focus more on happiness.

This series will give you a different type of experience that portrays the troubles and sorrow of the people from the closest angles to death.


Season – 1-7

This is one of the best Amazon prime series on the animated list on the network. It is a series which shows us the life of a group of misfits that work together in an intergalactic FedEx and is created by the famous creator Matt Groening who gave the world the Simpsons.

This series is filled with characters that have a very good sense of humor and is really funny to watch.

This is an all-around success from the voice, direction, dialogues, cast, everything is just on point and loved by its viewers.

The good wife

Season – 1-7

This is one of the best Amazon prime series for the ones who just love drama because it is a type of series that you would like to watch again and again.

The show starts with the main characters Alicia Florrick played by Julianna Margulies, whose marriage is on the verge of collapsing because her husband a powerful politician was caught with a prostitute.

This is not any ordinary series that just revolve around the courtroom. It shows the life of the couple which is surrounded by many subplots and twist which keeps the viewers excited.


Season – 1

This is a series that is created by the director of Mr. Robot, as this was only a podcast at that time. The center character Heidi Bergman is played by Julia Roberts.

In this series, she is a counselor that applies her trade at the company know as the homecoming which helps war veterans to come back to normal civil lives.

While watching this series you will be at the edge of your seat as the series is totally built on plots that are filled with suspense which is complemented by the brilliant acting of Julia Roberts, plus the direction of Esmail is just spot on.

The wire

Season – 1-5

This is one of the best Amazon prime Series on police which takes place in the U.S murder capital, that is the famous Baltimore.

It is very different from your normal police story as the drama is just so action-packed and amazing with its search of what justice truly means is loved by the audience.

The shows remove all the layers which are there between the good and the bad with each new season and keeps the viewers guessing what more can happen in the corrupted city of Baltimore. 


Season – 1-3

The best character of this excellent series is played by Ian McShane with the name of Al Swearengen in the old west.

This series is filled with violence and bloodshed with its fair share of nudity and romance and portrays the ways and living style of the west from the civil war era.

This is a series which is rich in drama and action. The selected cast is brilliant and the story around is just eye-catching and captivating for people who love dramas.

The Sopranos

Season – 1-6

This is one of the best Amazon Prime series when it comes to drama on a very different level and entertainment.

This is a story about a mob who is a killer, cheater, kidnapper, but with all this, he is also very charming, funny, lovely which makes it viewers sympathize for him because of all the troubles he has to face in the series.

This is created while giving a great amount of attention to the details and sets it apart from other regular mob stories. All of the characters are thieves and murderers and kidnappers everyone is worst than the other but the only thing they have between them is loyalty.


Season – 1-6

This series shows us the killer and fighting murderous story of Raylan Givens which is played by the famous actor Timothy Olyphant.

This is a story which shows us how he ends up returning to Kentucky his hometown for his actions which was not received so well by his superiors.

This is a good series for the fans of old school fighting and action lovers, who love to watch outlaws at their very best. In this, you will see a man doing as he pleases throughout the series without even caring once.  

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