Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Benefits of Chamomile Tea

The lifestyle followed by most of us today has resulted in a number of physical, mental and emotional pressure hampering our overall health. We often stress how much of a difference a well-balanced diet, a proper sleep cycle, adequate water intake, and regular exercise can make in our daily life. Though these are necessary activities, they are not enough to give a boost to the body that is affected by our hectic life. Since ancient times, herbal tea has proven to be a wonderful drink to replenish and repair the damage in the body made by ignoring physical, mental and emotional health and overworking. 

Chamomile is one such tea that can work wonders to treat body ailments. Since ancient times, it has proven to be a useful herb for a multiplicity of problems. A hot cup of chamomile tea can be used in different ways to combat different problems. Being free from caffeine, it is a better choice towards a healthier life as caffeine can be harmful to the body.

Here are some of the benefits of consuming Chamomile tea

It helps in getting a peaceful sleep

Chamomile tea does not contain caffeine because of which it is one of the best beverages to have before going to bed. It not only soothes the body for a more relaxed sleep but also helps in achieving deeper sleep for better health.

A lot of people nowadays have problems getting adequate sleep in spite of being tired. Due to this reason, their body does not get the proper environment to rest and replenish during the night.

It not only takes a toll on physical health but also poses a serious threat to mental peace. Chamomile tea acts as a calming agent for the body and relaxes the body enough to get it to a state of sleep for a brighter and better tomorrow.

Supports the immunity system of the body

With the increased number of problems in our lives, we have made our bodies weaker by not taking proper care of ourselves. As an inevitable result, we have become more prone to diseases.

There is only so much that a body can endure before it takes on an illness. Chamomile tea provides double protection in this case. Firstly, it helps eliminate the disease-causing bacteria and viruses to rid the body of the disease and restore health.

Secondly, it works really well as a preventive measure for increasing the fighting power of the body against disease, which is the immunity of the body to protect it from incoming germs. This double action keeps the body safe from various diseases and infections to reduce suffering. 

It acts as a reliever of pain and discomfort

Chamomile has a lot of goodness in it. The antispasmodic property of chamomile tea comes in very handy in case of body pain in general and menstrual pain in specific. It is known to relax the muscles from a state of rigidness. That is the main reason why body pain is alleviated after drinking chamomile tea.

In the case of menstrual pain, the heat from a cup of chamomile tea soothes the abdomen area and keeps the production of the pain and irritation causing hormones, prostaglandins, in check in the uterus. Relief from pain and discomfort immediately lifts up the mood and mental health. Apart from that, it also acts as a muscle relaxer for days that your muscles feel naturally tight.

It helps in healing throat congestion and infection

A lot of people today have a problem with fluctuating temperatures. Hot, sultry weather on the outside while on the road changes to the office with the AC on blast. These changes can be very harmful to the body and especially for the throat. This is the main of people catching a cold despite going through nothing other than a normal day of life.

Chamomile tea has healing and soothing properties that soothe an irritated throat due to infection. A sore throat is very uncomfortable to have as it causes discomfort in talking, eating and drinking. The anti-inflammatory property of this herb works like magic on the inflamed throat and it helps to clear the nasal passage by clearing out the dripping nose in the days of cold. 

It prevents acne to achieve clear skin

Acne is a skin problem that is faced by most people during some part of their life. Though most people experience it during their teenage years, some might also have adult acne which can destroy the look of clear skin.

Chamomile tea works from within to treat acne. The antiseptic feature of chamomile tea helps in fighting against the pimple and acne-causing germs for keeping the skin clear from within.

It is a wonderful deterrent to acne. For existing acne, it reduces the redness and inflammation of the breakout by making use of the anti-inflammatory property of the healing herb. It has also been known to lighten the dark scars that have been left by dried up acne to achieve healthier complexion.

It normalizes the alleviated level of stress and anxiety

There is no doubt that our lives have become way more stressful than times before. The various areas of life like work and education come with a heavy burden that has to be borne with responsibility. The increased pressure of fulfilling responsibilities and to match surpassed expectations has increased our stress levels and taken a toll on our mental health.

Chamomile tea calms down the mind and reduces the feeling of heaviness because of its relaxing properties. It brings down the stress level by facilitating peaceful sleep and reducing pain in the body.

Moreover, it refreshes the mind and body by inducing sedation. People are also becoming prone to anxiety attacks because of too much stress and overthinking. Sipping chamomile tea eases the anxiety as well. 

It is useful in case of abdominal pain and digestion

Carelessness in our diet is the main reason why abdominal problems start. Avoiding a balanced diet with all food groups and going for the unhealthy food from outside has sadly become the undeniable truth of our lives. Sometimes these conditions cannot be avoided and people end up having abdominal issues.

The abdominal pain can be taken care of with chamomile tea. It relaxes the muscles around the abdominal region of the body which instigate the feeling of cramps and thus pain. It is also a solution to digestive problems. Oily and spicy food cannot be processed by the body with ease.

Chamomile tea has carminative features that act as a catalyst in alleviating pain. Its antispasmodic property helps to prevent pain from indigestion, gas and other intestinal issues.

It treats the dark circles under the eyes and sun damage

The patches of dark skin just under the eyes are called dark circles. They can be a result of the stressful routine, the inadequacy of sleep or it can be taken as a sign of disturbed mental peace.

Chamomile tea is a natural way of reducing these dark circles. It can either be applied topically on the affected areas or consumed as a beverage. The bags under the eyes look unaesthetic because of which any beauty gurus swear by the anti-inflammatory and lightning properties of this tea. Puffiness under the eyes can be well taken care of by this magical tea.

Moreover, getting a tan or even a sunburn while stepping outside the house has become inevitable. The antioxidants in this tea effectively reverse the damage caused to your skin by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

It helps in removing dandruff

The pollution in the environment, stress, inadequate water intake and lack of proper care can cause dandruff on the scalp. The upper layer of the scalp becomes dry and flakes of skin being to appear on the head and shoulders. It has negative health and beauty impact as it imparts a feeling of heaviness on the head and falling of hair.

Chamomile tea acts on it to deter this problem from our lives. It soothes the scalp to stop dryness from taking over it and reduces the occurrence of hair fall. A cup of chamomile tea works wonders for this issue. It can also be used as a conditioner or a rinse after cleaning your hair with shampoo.

It helps to prevent heart problems

Increased stress and pressure bring heart problems along with it. This tri factor can be dealt with by drinking chamomile tea. This tea keeps the blood sugar and blood pressure levels in control to the normal limit and thus preventing diabetes. Flavonoids are antioxidants that are extremely helpful in keeping heart problems at bay.

The LDL cholesterol which is the main cause of major heart diseases can also be kept under check with chamomile tea. Reduction in stress and adequate slumber helps repair the body properly and thus cardiac problems-causing high blood pressure can be avoided. It treats a combination of issues that are responsible for creating heart problems.

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